TS DSC Syllabus

Hai viewers! TS DSC Syllabus is available for the following posts of School Assistant, Language Pandit, PET, and SGT, etc. Have you applied for TSPSC DSC Teacher Recruitment? Then you are at the right place to view the DSC Telangana Exam Syllabus. As mentioned in the notification, the officials have to recruit approximately 8792 skilled candidates for the vacant teacher positions. They will conduct written examination and will declare the exam date very soon on their official website tspsc.gov.in. We have mentioned the TS DSC Exam Pattern separately for all the posts which are involved in the recruitment.

TSPSC Teacher Written Exam Details

Organization NameTelangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC)
Number of VacanciesNearly 8792 posts
Post nameTeacher i.e,  School Assistant, Language Pandit, PET, and SGT
CategoryTSPSC Syllabus
StatusAvailable Here
Official websitetspsc.gov.in

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TS DSC Exam Pattern

Telangana State Public Service Commission is shortly known as TSPSC. It recently released the Telangana employment news to provide the job opportunity to the eligible candidates. Interested job seekers can forward their online application before its closing date. As there are multiple posts, many people will apply; to get succeeded from them you should need better preparation from the TS DSC Syllabus. Even the time duration is same for all the posts, but there is variation in marks weightage which is seen in the tables of TS DSC Exam Pattern. Follow the current affairs in Telugu then you will remember it for a long time.

Telangana DSC Paper Pattern School Assistant, Language posts

S. NoSubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks ObtainedTime Duration
1General Knowledge & Current Affairs2010 



150 minutes



2Perspectives in Education2010
4Teaching Methodology3216
Total160802 Hours and 30 Minutes

DSC Telangana Exam Syllabus

District Selection Committee will conduct the written test as per the schedule based on the topics under the TS DSC Syllabus. Before writing the examination, you need to check the concern exam pattern, DSC Telangana Exam Syllabus and cut off marks, etc. Then you will understand the concepts to be covered and marks to be secured for eligibility.  Also, download the TSPSC DSC Previous Papers from the authorized websites like tspsc.gov.in. If you start the exam preparation, you can complete the entire topics easily from the DSC Syllabus PDF. At the end of this page, we have given the syllabus in the tables and psychology is mentioned in Telugu medium so that you will understand it.

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Telangana PET Exam Pattern

S.NoSubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks obtainedTime Duration
1General Knowledge and Current Affairs2010 






150 minutes

3Principles, Philosophy, History of Physical Education3015
4Organization, Administration of Physical Education2412
5Psychology, Materials and Methods of Physical Education2412
6Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology2412
7Health Education, Safety Education, and Physiology of Exercise3015
8Officiating and Coaching of Physical Education2814
Total2001002 Hours and 30 Minutes

SGT Telangana PSC Exam Scheme

S. NoSubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks Obtained Time Duration
1General Knowledge and  Current Affairs2010 




150 minutes

2Perspectives in Education2010
3Language – I (Indian languages)189
4Language – II (English)189
7Social Studies189
8Teaching Methodology3015
Total160802 Hours and 30 Minutes

Telangana PSC Teachers Syllabus

TS DSC General Knowledge Syllabus
Indian History
TSPSC Syllabus of Current Affairs
International Affairs
Telangana PSC PET and SGT Syllabus in English
Parts of Speech
Types of sentences
Articles and Prepositions
Degrees of Comparison
Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
Active and Passive Voice
Use of Phrases
Comprehension of a Prose Passage
Vocabulary Methodology
Aspects of English:-

(a) English language – History, Nature, Importance, Principles of English as Second

(B) Problems of Teaching / Learning English.

Objective of Teaching English
Development of Language Skills:-

(a) Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing (LSRW)

(b) Communicative skills.

Approaches, Methods, Techniques of teaching English:

Introduction, Definition and Types of Approaches, Methods, and Techniques of Teaching English, Remedial Teaching.

Teaching of structures and Vocabulary items.
The Teaching of Learning Materials in English
Lesson Planning
Curriculum & Textbooks
Evaluation in English Language
Mathematics DSC SGT Syllabus
Real Analysis
Complex Analysis
Measure Theory and Functional Analysis
Differential Equations
Mechanics and Numerical Methods
Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Differential Geometry and Graph Theory
Mathematical Programming and Fluid Dynamics
General Science TSPSC SGT Syllabus
Telangana PSC Syllabus for Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Analytical techniques
Structure and Bonding
Acids and Bases
Redox Reactions
Nuclear Chemistry
Chemistry of Transition Elements
Inorganic reaction mechanism
Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Organic synthesis
Quantum Chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
TSPSC Written exam Physics Syllabus
Mathematical Methods
 Classical Mechanics and Relativity
Quantum Theory and its Applications
Electromagnetic Theory
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Experimental Physics
Telangana Botany PSC DSC Syllabus
Plant diversity
Taxonomy of Angiosperms
Angiosperm Anatomy
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Plant Biotechnology
Plant Physiology
TS Zoology DSC Syllabus
The molecular structure of DNA and RNA
Principles of Mendelian inheritance
Classification and comparative anatomy
A broad classification of Animal Kingdom
Principles of Mendelian inheritance
Immune systems
Geography DSC Syllabus
Geographic Thought
Population Geography
Settlement Geography
Economic Geography
Geography of India
Geography of Tamil Nadu
Map making
Remote Sensing
Statistical Methods
PET Psychology Syllabus for TS DSC Written Exam
PART – I – శిశువికాసం
వ్యక్తి అధ్యయన పద్ధతులు
పెరుగుదల – వికాసం – పరిణతుల భావన
వైయక్తిక భేదాలు
వైఖరులు, అభిరుచులు మరియు వాటి మాపనాలు
మూర్తిమత్వ వికాసం – అర్థం
సర్దుబాటు, మానసిక ఆరోగ్యం
వికాస కార్యక్రమాలు – ఆటంకాలు
PART- II (అభ్యాసనాన్ని అర్థంచేసుకోవడం)
అభ్యసనం PART-III పెడగాగికల్ కన్సర్న్స్
తరగతిగది నిర్వహణ – మార్గదర్శకత్వం, మంత్రణo.
బాలల ఉచిత నిర్భంద విద్యాహక్కు చట్టం – 2009
బాలలు హక్కులు
జాతీయ పాఠ్య ప్రణాళిక చట్టం – 2005
బోధన దశలు – Preactive, Interactive, Postactive
విభిన్న సన్నివేశాలలో బాలలు – ప్రత్యేక అవసరాలుగల బాలలు – ప్రత్యేక విద్య, సమ్మిలిత విద్య.
బోధన –అభ్యసకునితో, అభ్యసనంతో దాని సంబంధం.
వివిధ సన్నివేశాలలో అభ్యాసకులు – సాంఘిక, రాజకీయ, సాంస్కృతిక సన్నివేశాలలో అభ్యాసకుడు.
బోధన శాస్త్ర పద్ధతులను అర్థం చేసుకోవడం – అన్వేషణ, పరికల్పన, సర్వే, పరిశీలన, కృత్యాధార అభ్యసనం
వైయుక్తిక, సామూహిక అభ్యసనం
అసమా సమూహాలలో అభ్యసనను నిర్వహించడం. సాంఘిక, ఆర్థిక నేపాధ్యం, సామర్థ్యాలు, ఆసక్తులు
అభ్యసన నిర్వహణ నమూనాలు: ఉపాధ్యాయ కేంద్రియా, పాఠ్య విష కేంద్రిత, అభ్యాసి కేంద్రిత పద్ధతులు
ప్రణాళిక బద్ధమైన కార్యకలాపంగా బోధన, ప్రణాళిక మౌలికాంశాలు
అభ్యసన కోసం మూల్యాంకనం – అభ్యసించిన అంశాలు మూల్యాంకనం – వీటి మధ్య భేదాలు – పాఠశాల ఆధారిత మూల్యాంకనం, నిరంతర – సమగ్ర మూల్యాంకనం – దృక్పథాలు – ఆచరణలు

Know the required Recruitment, TSPSC DSC SGT Admit Card, from the website Govtjobsq.in and syllabus from this page itself.